Sayari Biswas won the nanoart prize in Agust 2015

The TiO2 nanoflowers grown by Sayari Biswas, Erasmus Mundus doctoral student from Indian School of Mines (ISM) working at Laboratoire des matériaux et génie physique (LMGP) in Grenoble have been selected by Nanoart contest.
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The TiO2 nanoflowers are obtained on a glass substrat covered with an ITO thin film by using an aerosol (aerosol assisted MOCVD). The flower distributio is dense on the substrat (on the picture only one flower is presented) are rather stable with temperature. These flower have naometric petals (around 10 nm thickness) randomly oriented, which allows to increase the surface available for the dye absorption and light diffusion. Then, a higher amount of solar energy can be absorbe, increasing the cell efficiency.

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