Publication by D. Muñoz-Rojas 2017

The paper "Rapid open-air deposition of uniform, nanoscale, functional coatings on nanorod arrays" has been published in Nanoscale Horizons
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Here  you will find the paper by David Muñoz-Rojas
"Coating of high-aspect-ratio nanostructures has previously been achieved using batch processes poorly suited for high-throughput manufacturing. It is demonstrated that uniform, nanoscale coatings can be rapidly deposited on zinc oxide nanorod arrays in open-air using an atmospheric pressure spatial deposition system. The morphology of the metal oxide coatings is examined and good electrical contact with the underlying nanorods is observed. The functionality of the coatings is demonstrated in colloidal quantum dot and hybrid solar cells."

DOI: 10.1039/C6NH00197A