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Plateformes biomimetiques


Our goal is to control the binding of active molecules on 2D platforms for studying cellular responses in vitro. Thanks to the use of surface sensitive techniques the functionalization of our platforms is quantitatively controlled and studies on molecular interactions are allowed. The 2D platforms are, moreover, used as substrate for cellular studies such as differentiation, migration and signaling activation. We are in particular looking at the effect of a glicosamminoglycan named heparan sulfate on bone morphogenetic protein 2 activity on murine and human stem cells.



Group Members

Julius Sefkow-Werner (PhD student)
Jean Le Pennec (M2 student)
Elaine Castro (M1 student)
Adrià Sales (postdoc)

Previous group Members

Simon Peyras (M1 student)

Paper accepted in Biointerphases: Migliorini E et al. Dec 2018


Spectroscopic ellipsometry and QCM-D to calculate mass adsorption Practical guide to characterize biomolecule adsorption on solid surfaces (Review)

Elisa Migliorini, Marianne Weidenhaupt, and Catherine Picart


IDEX-IRS funding 2018–2021

PhD position for Julius Sefkow-Werner starting in October 2018

Welcome Julius

Welcome Julius Julius Sefkow-Werner PhD student

Enhanced biological activity of BMP-2 bound to surface-grafted heparan sulfate.
Elisa Migliorini*, Patrick Horn, Tamás Haraszti, Seraphine V. Wegner, Christian Hiepen,
Petra Knaus, Ralf P. Richter and E. Ada Cavalcanti-Adam*

Adv. Biosys. 2017, 1600041.
DOI: 10.1002/adbi.201600041

  The mode of chemokine CXCL12α presentation determines myoblast adhesion and motility.
Thakar Dhruv, Dalonneau Fabien, Migliorini Elisa, Lortat-Jacob Hugues, Boturyn Didier,  Coche-Guerente Liliane, Picart Catherine  and Richter Ralf P. Biomaterials. 2017;123:24-38.

Tuning cellular responses to BMP-2 with material surfaces.
Migliorini Elisa, Valat Anne, Picart Catherine, Cavalcanti-Adam Elisabetta Ada. CGFR. 2016;27:43-54. doi: 10.1016/j.cytogfr.2015.11.008

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