Paper by the SALD Team

The paper "Highly Sensitive Self-Actuated Zinc Oxide Resonant Microcantilever Humidity Sensor" has been published in Nano Letters
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Here you'll find the SALD team's paper
"A resonant microcantilever sensor is fabricated from a zinc oxide (ZnO) thin film, which serves as both the structural and sensing layers. An open-air spatial atomic layer deposition technique is used to deposit the ZnO layer to achieve a ∼200 nm thickness, an order of magnitude lower than the thicknesses of conventional microcantilever sensors. The reduction in the number of layers, in the cantilever dimensions, and its overall lower mass lead to an ultrahigh sensitivity, demonstrated by detection of low humidity levels. A maximum sensitivity of 23649 ppm/% RH at 5.8% RH is observed, which is several orders of magnitude larger than those reported for other resonant humidity sensors. Furthermore, the ZnO cantilever sensor is self-actuated in air, an advantageous detection mode that enables simpler and lower-power-consumption sensors."