Paper by L. Bottiglieri

The paper "n-ZnO/Out-of-Stoichiometry p-CuCrO2 Diodes for Efficient and Low-Cost Transparent Electronic Applications" has been published in ACS Appl. Electron. Mater.
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"In this work, we present the synthesis of high-performance transparent diodes based on p-type out-of-stoichiometry CuCrO2 and n-type ZnO thin films. The oxides were fabricated by scalable chemical deposition methods at low temperature and ambient pressure, without any further postdeposition annealing treatment. We report the optimization of the devices through the fine-tuning of the deposition parameters of the two layers, namely, the composition of the p-type semiconductor and the deposition temperature of the n-type counterpart, and their thorough characterization. UV–vis spectroscopy measurements highlighted the antireflection function of the ZnO layer, resulting in an optical transmittance of the junction above 75% in the visible range. In-depth XPS profile studies confirmed the absence of atomic diffusion between the different layers. The optimized junction between a nanocomposite Cu2O+CuCrO2 coupled with polycrystalline ZnO presents the highest rectification ratio reported in the literature for similar devices, with values greater than 105 between −2.5 and +2.5 V. These extremely high performances are attributed to the formation of intraband levels, due to the stoichiometry variation of the CuCrO2 phase and the low crystallinity of n-type ZnO. These results open many prospects for optoelectronics and are particularly promising for the transparent oxide electronics industry."