Paper by H. Pazniak

The paper entitled "Development of polymeric/MXenes composites towards 3D printable electronics" has been published in Composites Part B: Engineering
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"3D printing is an emerging technology for many applications, including electronics. On the other hand, to gather the applications’ requirements with the possibility to produce complex 3-dimensional structures, the development of novel 3D printable materials is necessary. In this context, herein it is reported the synthesis of 3D printable photocurable resins embedding Ti3C2Tz-MXenes, a class of 2D layered materials with outstanding electrical and electronic properties. Stable inks suitable for Digital Light Processing 3D printing technology have been successfully synthesized and employed to fabricate complex 3D composite structures with high printing fidelity. To enhance the electrical conductivity of the material, annealing treatments have been performed, followed by a complete characterization of the so obtained materials. The results show that objects with improved electrical conductivity have been successfully obtained, opening new perspectives in towards the development of complex 3 dimensional electronic."