New paper by João Resende

The paper "Magnesium-doped cuprous oxide (Mg:Cu2O) thin films as a transparent p-type semiconductor" has been published in Phys. Status Solidi A,
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Here you will find the paper by  João Resende
"The lack of a successful p-type transparent semiconductor delays the future implementation of transparent electronics. In the group semiconducting compounds, cuprous oxide (Cu2O) presents promising electrical and manufacturing features that establish it as a suitable candidate for p-type transparent semiconductors. However, high absorbance in the visible range reduces its application practical devices. In this work, we achieved the incorporation of magnesium in cuprous oxide grown by aerosol-assisted metal-organic chemical vapour deposition. The fabricated doped thin films
reached up to 17% of magnesium, resulting in morphology changes. Electrical  resistivity was reduced down to values as low as 6.6Vcm, due to the increase of charge-carrier density. The optical transparency was enhanced compared to intrinsic cuprous oxide"