LMGP_IMBM_Insuline at triple interface 2022

Interfaces between Materials & Biological Matter

Our group is interested in the interactions of molecules, especially proteins, with interfaces, be they solid (materials), liquid or gaseous (air). We study in particular their adsorption/desorption and the phenomena of self-assembly and aggregation of the proteins induced by their interactions with interfaces.

Our research projects revolve around 2 themes:

Therapeutic protein stability at interfaces

We have developed sensitive biochemical and biophysical techniques to study the stability of therapeutic proteins quantitatively and qualitatively at the interface of materials. We characterize their adsorption and desorption behavior and probe the conformational changes accompanying their aggregation induced by surface adsorption. We mainly study insulin and monoclonal antibodies as well as their formulation excipients. We work with different materials used in medical applications and create customized model surfaces with desired properties

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 Adsorption and aggregation of proteins at material surfaces

Adsorption des protèines naturelles

In nature, some proteins, like spider silks for example, have adhesive properties for surfaces. We investigate these adhesive properties at different molecular levels, from the primary sequence to their conformation during self-assembly at interfaces. This research project is done in collaboration with C Vendrely at the laboratory ERRMECE at Cergy-Pontoise University (https://errmece.u-cergy.fr/).

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Rosa Alvarez Palencia Jimenez PhD Cifre Sanofi-LMGP
Lisa Deblock, PhD CNRS
Etienne Orsini, PhD MagIA
Mathilde Rodriguez, PhD Cifre Becton Dickinson-LMGP
Laurent Marichal,Postdoc CEMAM
Charlotte Vendrely, MdC Univ Cergy Pontoise

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