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Control of cell differentiation by layer-by-layer films

Our goal is to use the films with controlled properties (mechanical, biochemical and topographical) as a platform to study cellular processes, including adhesion, motility and differentiation.

Skeletal muscle cells have the potentiality to differentiate in to different cell types, including myotubes and osteoblasts.
For this second differentiation pathway, we have optimized the conditions for loading the osteo-inductive growth factor BMP-2 (bone morphogenetic protein 2) in tunable amounts.
In parallel, studies have been performed on mouse embryonic stem cells in collaboration with M. Pucéat (INSERM, Evry, France).
We are currently investigating the signaling pathway of BMP-2 delivered in a matrix-bound manner from the layer-by-layer film. These studies are done in collaboration with Dr. C. Albigès-Rizo from IAB (Grenoble).


Selected Publications

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