A new SALD reactor at LMGP is now operational!

The first SALD (Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition) reactor in France is now operational at LMGP
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SALD is a novel approach to ALD in which the precursors are dosed continuously in different locations (separation of precursors in space), thus eliminating the need for the purge steps of conventional ALD (where precursors are separated in time). This translates in much faster deposition rates (up to two orders of magnitude) than conventional ALD, and more flexibility in terms of design, being compatible with high hroughput processing methods such as roll-to-roll, and being readily scalable as well. As a result, SALD is receiving increasing interest and attention over the last years since it has the potential to become a widespread laboratory and industrial deposition method for multiple applications including electronics, optoelectronics, textiles, paper, etc.  

SALD research is developped by David Muñoz-Rojas.

You can find more information and  first results here.