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Physico chemistry of solids, thin films, biotechnologies
Applications for micro & nano- technologies, energy, health ...

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  • 12
    Published on 21/08/2023
    The paper "SnO2-Coated Silver Nanowire Networks as a Physical Model Describing Their Reversible Domain under Electrical Stress for Stable Transparent Electrode Applications" has been published in ACS Appl. Nano Mater.
  • 19
    Published on 26/09/2023
    An ionic and electronic conductor with multiple applications
  • 14
    Published on 22/11/2023
    Organisation of Symposium A
  • 11
    Published on 11/12/2023
    The article entitled "Analog memristive devices based on La2NiO4+delta as synapses for spiking neural networks" has been published in Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics.
  • 01
    Published on 18/12/2023
    The paper "Exploring the degradation of silver nanowire networks under thermal stress by coupling in situ X-ray diffraction and electrical resistance measurements" has been published in Nanoscale
  • 08
    Published on 08/01/2024
    The article entitled "Quantitative in situ synchrotron X-ray analysis of the ALD/MLD growth of transition metal dichalcogenide TiS2 ultrathin films" has been published in Nanoscale.
  • 15
    Published on 15/01/2024
    The paper "Aptasensors based on silicon nanowire field-effect transistors for electrical detection of thrombin" has been published in Microelectronic Engineering
  • 05
    Published on 05/02/2024
    The paper "Specific role of Al in the synthesis of electrospun Al:ZnO nanofibers: Thermal and elemental analysis" has been published in Materials Today Communications
  • 15
    Published on 15/02/2024
    The article entitled "Enhancing the Output Voltage of Piezoelectric Nanogenerators Based on ZnO Nanowires Grown by Chemical Bath Deposition Using Compensatory Cu Doping" has been published in Energy Technology.

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