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Vapour phase growth of SiC

To bring new insights to the well established vapour phase growth processes of SiC.
Among the different aspects studied, the main ones are  :
  • new bulk growth process concepts and modelling
  • growth and stabilization of exotic polytypes (3C, 15R)
  • basic understanding of growth mechanisms
  • doping and dopant incorporation mechanisms


  • Kanaparin Ariyawong (PhD student)
  • Nikolaos Tsavdaris (PhD student)
  • Sven Tengeler (PhD student)
  • Dr. Deok Kank (Visiting scientist)


  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece) - Prof. E.K. Polychroniadis
  • Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany) - Prof. M. Krieger
  • Vilnius University (Lithuania) - Prof. K. Jarasiunas
  • RIST (Korea) - Dr. D. Kang

Crystal Growth Research Lines


Using a coupled experimental and numerical simulation approach, the nucleation and propagation of foreign polytypes during seeded sublimation growth of silicon carbide is addressed on a macroscopic basis.

Cross-section of a 4H-SiC crystal observed under a cross-polarized microscope.
(Crystal Growth & Design, 2015)

Main publications

N. Tsavdaris, K. Ariyawong, J.M. Dedulle, E.Sarigiannidou, D. Chaussende,
Macroscopic Approach to the Nucleation and Propagation of Foreign Polytype Inclusions during Seeded Sublimation Growth of Silicon Carbide,
Crystal Growth Design. Vol. 15 (2015) 15 p.156?163

M. Seiss, T. Ouisse, D. Chaussende,
Comparison of the spiral growth modes of silicon-face and carbon-face silicon carbide crystals,
Journal of Crystal Growth, Vol. 384 (2013) p. 129-134.

I.G. Galben-Sandulache, M. Marinova, A. Mantzari, G.L. Sun, A. Andreadou, D. Chaussende, E.K. Polychoniadis,
Quality Investigation of 3C-SiC Crystals Grown by CF-PVT Technique,
Materials Science Forum, Vol. 679-680 (2011) p. 20-23

Date of update March 5, 2015

Université Grenoble Alpes