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MAX phases

Exploration of this large family of compounds, from the crystal growth point of view to fundamental physical properties investigation.

Lu SHI (PhD student)
Shiqi ZHANG (PhD student)
Prof. M. Barsoum (FAME invited Professor)

Université catholique de Louvain UCL (Belgium) – Dr. B. Hackens
Drexel University (USA) – Prof. M. Barsoum
LNCMI, Grenoble (France) - Dr. B. Piot
Institut PRIME, Poitiers (France), Prof. S. Dubois
LMI, Univ. Claude Bernard Lyon (France), Dr. O.Dezellus



  • BQR Grenoble INP

Crystal Growth Research Lines


  • Growth of Ti3SiC2 single crystals from high temperature solution.
  • Raman scattering study for a complete identification of the different phonon modes.
  • The Ti3SiC2 nanolamellar structure gives rise to unprecedented specific morphological features. A qualitative description of 2D instabilities during the growth has been carried out.

Ti3SiC2 surface morphology of a highly unstable region, as measured by dynamic AFM measurements.
(Physical Review B, 2011)

Main publications

L. Shi, T. Ouisse, E. Sarigiannidou, O. Chaix-Pluchery, H. Roussel, D. Chaussende,

B. Hackens
Synthesis of single crystals of V2AlC phase by high-temperature solution growth and slow cooling technique, Acta Materialia, Vol. 83 (2015) p.304–309.

T. Ouisse, E. Sarigiannidou, O. Chaix-Pluchery, H. Roussel, B. Doisneau, D. Chaussende,
High temperature solution growth and characterization of Cr2AlC single crystals, Journal of Crystal Growth, Vol. 384 (2013) p. 88-95.

T. Ouisse, D. Chaussende,
Application of an axial next-nearest-neighbor Ising model to the description of Mn+1AXn phases, Physical Review B, Vol. 85 (2012) p. 104110.

F. Mercier, T. Ouisse, D. Chaussende,
Morphological instabilities induced by foreign particles and Ehrlich-Schwoebel effect during the two-dimensional growth of crystalline Ti3SiC2, Physical Review B, Vol. 83 (2011) p. 075411.

Date of update March 5, 2015

Université Grenoble Alpes