Séminar LMGP - 15/12/2015 - Prof.Won-Jeong KIM

A new lead-free piezoelectrics of BiFeO3-BaTiO3 solid solution

Prof. Won-Jeong KIM

Department of Physics, Changwon National University, KOREA 


Piezoelectric materials exhibit a direct electromechanical coupling; mechanical stress could produce electricity and vice versa. These materials are useful for applications on many sensors and actuators. Furthermore, piezoelectrics can be used for electric generators from every day vibrations such as automobiles. One of the most famous and widely used piezoelectrics is PZT (Pb[ZrxTi1-x]O3 (0?x?1)). However, PZT contains an environmentally hazardous lead(Pb). It has been a long stand issue to find an alternative piezoelectrics to replace the lead contained PZT. A new Bi-based piezoelectrics has been found in the BiFeO3-BaTiO3 solid solution processed with a water quenching method. The BiFeO3-BaTiO3 based piezoelectrics exhibits better physical properties than PZT as shown in the figure.1)

 1) Lee, M. H. et al (2015), High-Performance Lead-Free Piezoceramics with High Curie Temperatures. Adv. Mater.. doi:10.1002/adma.201502424


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Grenoble INP - Phelma
3 parvis Louis Néel - 38000 Grenoble
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14:00 - 2ème étage - salle de séminaire - Laboratoire LMGP