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Physico chemistry of solids, thin films, biotechnologies
Applications for micro & nano- technologies, energy, health ...

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Training in techniques of materials characterization

All these training sessions are set-up every year. They are based on our respective expertise in the field of materials science and characterization. They are dedicated to PhD students, technicians, engineers as well as researchers. Every session may focus on a specific aspect.
They are administrated either by CNRS FORMATION Entreprises or by Grenoble INP Formation Continue

International thematic schools

  • ESONN - European School On Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies, a three-week course to provide training for graduate students, postdoctoral and junior scientists from all around the world, in the field of Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies. Founded in 2004, LMGP is one of the organizers, represented by D. Delabouglise
  • HERCULES, a one month course to provide training for students, postdoctoral and senior scientists from all around the world in the field of Neutron and Synchrotron Radiation for condensed matter studies (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science, Geosciences, Industrial applications). It includes lectures, practicals and tutorials, visits of Large Facilities... LMGP is widely associated in organization, practicals and teaching as well.

Introduction to sciences

LMGP is also dealing with introducing physics for kids from 3 to about 15 years old. The pedagogical and scientific approaches are very close to the concept of Main à la pâte, where kids are actively involved in performing experiments, making suggestions, testing them through experiments, discussing and presenting them.
Each year, about 30 students from Grenoble INP - Phelma Engineering School are involved in this project coordinated by Grenoble INP teachers; they work with 400 kids in more than 15 different classrooms of schools near Grenoble, plus kids located at the Grenoble's hospital.
Contact at LMGP : D. Bellet

Date of update January 16, 2016

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