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Layer-by-layer as a tool to control cellular processes

Material surfaces with advanced functionalities

For the development of implantable biomaterials with novel functionalities, the control of the processes occurring at the biomaterial surface is of prime importance.

There is currently a growing interest in rendering biomaterial surfaces not only biocompatible (e.g. accepted by the body) but also bioactive (i.e. able to trigger a specific cell response).

On a more fundamental point of view, understanding how cells interact with a surface and what are the molecular mechanisms leading to a certain type of response are among the questions raised by biophysicists and biomaterial scientists.

During past years, it has appeared more clearly that the mechanical properties of the matrix play an important role in the tissue regeneration process.

Among the new methods that have emerged for preparing thin films with controlled properties at the nanometer/micrometer scales, the layer-by-layer assembly technique appears highly versatile and powerful.

In our group, we have developed an expertise on the assembly of natural components of extracellular matrices such as hyaluronan and of polypeptides. 

We are developing several projects related to different aspects of layer-by-layer films, from fundamental to applied studies for musculo-skeletal tissue repair and regeneration.

Physico-chemical and mechanical properties of layer-by-layer films

Control of cell differentiation by layer-by-layer films

Layer-by-layer films as drug delivery platform

Our reviews on LbL films

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